What Items Should I Get Rid Of When Making My Next New Jersey Move?

Decluttering can be a very emotional –not to mention overwhelming –process that every person goes through whenever they move out of their old New Jersey home. But that’s why people shouldn’t be ashamed of feeling unmotivated: literally EVERYONE has a hard time doing it, including your fellow New Jersey neighbors. And before you compare yourself to actual decluttering queen Marie Kondo, remember that her levels of organization merit an actual hit Netflix series. Don’t be bummed if yours can’t compare.

For the average person, though, there are some things you can practice to make decluttering easier. We asked professional moving companies in New Jersey for their advice on what people need to do. Here’s what we found:

The Best Time to Start Decluttering in New Jersey is NOW

According to our panel of moving experts, one of the first things people need to do when decluttering fast is to ACTUALLY START.

Procrastination will only lead to stress, things getting lost or left behind, and most unfortunately, making the moving process a negative experience. You don’t want to leave your New Jersey home with bad memories.

Our moving experts in New Jersey recommend that you start as early as possible, up to 12 months prior to your move-out date. This is because the decluttering and moving process is better when it’s done slowly over a long period of time, and it allows you to sort through and really evaluate the kind of stuff you want to keep or let go.

Make a Schedule and Stick to It

Like what we just said, decluttering should occur across a long period of time, which means that you NEED to set aside a couple of hours a week to sort through things, evaluate their necessity in your New Jersey home, and deciding whether to box it up or throw it out.

Allot around 2 to 3 hours for this activity, preferably on a specific day of the week, and do this every week until a decluttering routine is set. And when we say “allot,” we mean that your activity for the next 2-3 hours will be dedicated to sorting through stuff and decluttering, or your New Jersey move will be slower than expected. Sure, you can probably post about it on your Instagram Stories but give the activity as much of your attention as possible!

Least-visited Rooms Go First

Attics, basements, guest rooms, and that “home office” you set up for the pandemic probably haven’t been visited in months, so those are great places to start decluttering. Storage rooms and areas often contain junk, so it’s a great place to get your engines running and an efficient way to start your decluttering routine.

By the time you reach the rooms that you actually use, you would have trained your brain to already think of things as either ‘keep’ or ‘yeet’, making the decluttering process much easier. Besides, starting with these least-visited rooms first also gives you the added advantage of having storage spaces for all the stuff you’ve already packed, saving you space in the process. You will be surprised by how spacious your New Jersey home will look after!

Separate Into Piles

One of the best decluttering tips we’ve gotten is simple: create piles for things to go to. It’s deceptively simple, but be warned: you NEED to be EXACT about your pile categories and you NEED to stick to them. While each organizational expert will have their own strategies with pile sorting, the best way we’ve found is to separate piles into these categories:

  • Keep
  • Trash
  • Shred (Or Mulch)
  • Donate
  • Sell
  • Store
  • Recycle

Keep and Trash are relatively obvious. Meanwhile, the Shred pile should be used for sensitive documents and personal records that may be outdated. Make sure to shred and mulch these so that none of that sensitive information can be used against you while you’re decluttering. The Donate pile should be reserved for items you don’t necessarily want to keep and aren’t in great condition but are still good enough to be given to any New Jersey charity organization that resonates with you. The Store pile should be the last pile you should put stuff in, and should only be reserved for things that really DO need to be stored, like seasonal items or memorabilia.

Don’t Be Afraid to Let Go

One of the hardest things to do when decluttering is separating yourself from items of sentimental value. But a majority of the clutter in people’s homes are directly connected to the sentimental value place on otherwise useless items. If you’re a long-time New Jersey resident, moving can be especially painful.

Be honest with the things that you think are sentimental: is it REALLY a memory you want to hold onto? Are there other items that might help you remember that moment better? This is why we declutter.

Don’t be afraid to let go of certain things, especially if they serve no other value other than to remind you of bygone days.

We’re Here To Help You with Your New Jersey Move!

Still sounds overwhelming? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! As one of the top professional moving companies in New Jersey, Selective Van Lines has the necessary skill and experience to help you declutter your house and move them to your new home. Contact us, today, to learn more about our moving services and how we can help you with the decluttering process!

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