Unwritten Costs to Moving and How to Minimize Your Expenses

There are plenty of costs associated with moving things long haul in New Jersey. Some of them are pretty obvious, from the cost of renting or buying a new place to call home, to the cost of moving insurance, to even the non-tangible costs of uprooting and moving to a new place. If you’re organized, you should have already foreseen these costs and have set aside a budget for your long-haul move from New Jersey.
However, there may be some hidden costs that you might not be aware of. Compared to the more typical costs, these may seem insignificant on their own. But these hidden costs can pile up, and you might find that your move is suddenly more expensive than you originally planned. Here are some of these costs you should watch out for – and how you can avoid incurring them.

Special Fees from Your Movers

At Selective Van Lines, we provide straightforward quotes to set your expectations and budget when you inquire about our services. We understand that you have a budget, and we can provide solutions that can help your long-haul move in or out of New Jersey. With reliable professional movers like us, you can easily find out the inclusions that come with our quotes as well as any additional services or requests you need.

Less forward movers, however, may spring up additional fees close to or on the day of your move. These fees can include stair fees (if your new home doesn’t have an elevator and movers will need to lug your items upstairs), a large item fee, security costs for more valuable items, overnight fees, and more.
A good way to avoid getting blindsided by these fees is to shop around for movers. Ask what the inclusions of their quote is, and then ask if they charge any special fees like the ones mentioned. For larger homes, some moving companies also offer to send someone to your home to assess how much stuff you have and if there’s anything that can incur additional charges.

Move-In Fees

If you’re moving to a condominium or apartment building or a house that falls under an HOA, check to see if there are any additional costs to moving in. Some of these charge a move-in fee to cover the additional services and facilities used during your move.

For instance, apartment and condo buildings may charge a move-in fee to use the service elevator or provide parking for your moving truck. There are also the additional electric, plumbing, and other property management costs associated with moving in. Gated communities and neighborhoods with HOAs may also charge move-in fees for things like security or facilities that may be affected when you move in.

Utility Costs

Prior to your move, you should have already either closed your utilities’ accounts or have had them transferred to your new home. Keep in mind that closing or having them transferred can come with certain fees, so it’s best to call your utility companies ahead of time to find out.

For instance, internet access may come with connection fees from your provider. And we all know that getting WiFi in your home may not be the fastest process depending on your provider. In this case, especially if you’re working from home, you’ll need to consider the costs of other arrangements until your internet access can be installed in your new home. And it’s not just your internet provider: many utility companies can charge service fees to connect your home.

Long-Haul Travel and Waiting

You might have figured out the costs of travel for expenses like flights or gas for your car. But it’s those little miscellaneous expenses that could creep on you while traveling and waiting for your movers to arrive with your items. These can be the costs of food, handling your pets, hotel accommodations, additional flight fees, and more.

One good way to avoid excess costs is to thoroughly plan your move ahead of time. To avoid having to buy things like toiletries on the way to your new home, pack a bag that’s good for at least a week that should have the things you need to survive before your movers arrive. Aside from toiletries, bring enough clothes, snacks, medicine, and anything else you’ll know you need. This can reduce the number of things you’ll have to buy when you’re travelling.

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Long-haul moves can be stressful enough without the additional inconvenience of additional costs. But with the services of professional movers in New Jersey, we can make your moving experience smarter and easier. Let our team at Selective Van Lines help you out with our honest and practical quotes.

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