Tips So You Won’t Forget Essentials When Moving to New Jersey

There’s no way around it — moving is hard on the body and the mind. Home is supposed to be our sanctuary from all the craziness out there, so when it’s in a state of flux, we’re vulnerable.

It’s inevitable that something gets forgotten in the midst of packing, loading, and preparing. Instead of losing sleep over it, you can take control. We’ve put together a few moving tips to help you prepare for moving to New Jersey.

Make a Moving List

If you’re asking how to not forget things in your New Jersey move, the answer is simple: Take a deep breath, relax, and make a list. It doesn’t have to be as structured as an Excel sheet. Maybe it’s a note on your phone, tablet, or an old-fashioned notebook. Include everything that comes to mind, and check off each item as it’s done. You can even put a due date on it.

It also gives you some clarity in the midst of chaos, especially during crunch time. With so many last-minute details, it’s easy to forget something.

Remember to Pack These Essentials Before Moving 

There are some essential items that you should never forget to save the time and cost of going back to your old home to retrieve it before your big New Jersey move. Here are some of them:


    Important Documents

    Luckily, you probably have most of your banking, financial, and tax documents stored electronically, so this is less of a problem. But make sure you gather all hard-copy documents like birth certificates, passports, and social security cards and keep them in a binder you carry during your move.


    Keepsakes and Seasonal Items

    There’s a good chance you store seasonal things in places that are easy to forget most of the year, like garage attics, stairwell nooks, and out-of-the-way cupboards.

    Outdoor Plants and Decorations

    If you have a potted plant you’ve cherished since you were a kid, plan ahead for how to move it. That goes for yard art, water fountains, and other moveable greenery, like hanging orchids in trees. These things need to be moved in advance.

    Prescriptions and Healthcare Arrangements

    It’s easy to forget to check built-in medicine cabinets. Including prescriptions, make a list of all the local doctors, dentists, and vision centers for each family member. Get extra refills and make sure to pick them up, as well as medical records that you can only get in person. Don’t forget your furry family members either.


    Collect jewelry, coins, and other valuables in advance. Put them with your important documents and other essentials instead of all your stuff.

    Other Moving Tasks You Should Not Forget

    You don’t want your Amazon delivery or phone bills to go to your old place. Update all your online business accounts and forward your mail. Don’t forget to tell family and friends.

    Don’t forget to leave yourself some wiggle room. While move-out and move-in dates can shift because of closings, renovations, and other hiccups, it can be hard to change them with traditional movers. You might want to think about portable moving and storage containers if you don’t know when you’re moving, because they make it easier to change dates, temporarily store things, and load and unload when it’s convenient for you. Plan B also includes extra money set aside for unexpected costs, and reaching out to friends and family ahead of time if you need a place to stay.

    Hire the Best Moving Company in New Jersey

    Even if you pack everything, sometimes stuff gets left behind on the move itself. That’s why you need a moving company in New Jersey you can trust that will make sure you get everything you need to your new place.

    You’ll need a reliable mover to get everything to your new place in one piece. In fact, some of the best movers will help you out in the days leading up to moving day. They’ll give you tips on what essential items you should pack in advance and other stuff you can put off until a week before the big move.

    Contact Us for Your Local Moving Needs

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    What sets us apart from other local moving companies in New Jersey is that we offer stress-free, full-service local moving at a reasonable rate. We’ll arrive on time, load on time, and deliver right on schedule at your new home. As we get you moved in smoothly, you can relax on moving day.

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