Packing and Moving Electronics in New Jersey: A Handy Guide

With the golden age of technology, it’s a given that we have lots of electronic devices to pack. Computers, tablets, video game systems, stereo equipment, and televisions are big investments, and you don’t want to damage them during a move. Here are four tips on how to pack your electronics for a New Jersey move.

Step 1: Getting Your Electronics Ready for a Move

A little planning and forethought goes a long way. Before you start packing up your electronics, make sure everything is in order.

  • Get all your user manuals together. If you don’t have them, download them from the manufacturer’s site.
  • Cover your electronics. Get temporary insurance to cover your move, packing, and unpacking. Usually the best moving companies in New Jersey offer insurance for all your items, but it’s better to have an extra layer of protection.
  • You can track your phones and electronics with tracker apps you can download online. That way, if a gadget gets lost, it’s easier to find it.

Step 2: Packing Electronics for a New Jersey Move

Whether you’re moving next door or to another state, your goal is to move all of your electronics without any damage. Prep and pack your devices right, and get rid of stuff that’s not necessary.

  • Batteries in electronics and remotes should be kept together so they don’t overheat and leak.
  • Before you move, charge up all your rechargeable batteries.
  • Tape your electronics’drives shut after you eject CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Rays.
  • Put toner cartridges in a plastic, dust-proof bag.
  • Remove other printer cartridges from non-laser printers and secure the printhead.

Step 3: Label Your Electronics

Make sure you label everything before you move. Unplugging all your electronics and labeling them takes some time, but it makes it much easier to set everything up in your new house.

  1. Get some small colored stickers (about eight different colors should be fine), some slightly larger white stickers, and a fine-tipped pen.
  2. Before you pull out any cables (e.g., power, video, audio, etc. ), put a colored sticker on each end.
  3. Stick a sticker next to each cable socket.
  4. Wrap a white sticker around the cable and write down the two devices it connects (e.g. Blu-ray player/cable box).
  5. Write the item each electronic device powers on a sticker on the power supply or cord.
  6. Take the cable out, coil it, put an elastic band around it, and put it in a sandwich bag.
  7. If you’ve got several cables in each bag, secure them to one of the items they belong to.

You might want to take pictures of the cables before you unplug all your electronics. You can even take pictures while unplugging so you can refer to them when you reconnect.

Step 4: Keeping Your Electronics Safe

Look through your user manual to see if there are any instructions on how to pack and move your stuff. The best way to move fragile electronics is in the original packaging. You can also ask the manufacturer for an original box. If that doesn’t work, you’ll just have to pack them extra carefully.

  • Fill in any void spaces with bubble wrap or other packing materials. Cushion the top and bottom of the box with towels or bubble wrap and pack everything inside securely so it won’t move.
  • Bubble wrap large items. Protect it with a towel and another layer of bubble wrap if it has a screen. Wrap it in cardboard. Put plastic sheeting or plastic wrap over everything.
  • Never pack screens with newspaper. The print can scratch the screen and get on the screen.

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