How to Prepare Your Kids for Your Big Move out of New Jersey

Moving in New Jersey is stressful even when it’s a good change. Kids can be even more stressed because it’s rarely their idea, and they feel powerless. In fact, a study by the MacArthur Foundation shows that frequent moving can even hurt a child’s emotional well-being.

In the same study, it was also recommended to provide extra support for kids during and after moving. Here are some tips to prepare your kids for moving out of New Jersey.

How to Prepare Your Kids to Move Out of New Jersey

1. Acknowledge their feelings

In addition to leaving friends, a church family, school, and even familiar stores and parks, leaving the New Jersey house can feel like dying. Let the kids go through the stages of grief without constantly trying to force them to be cheerful about it.

2. Prepare them for the move ahead of time

Tell your kids as soon as you know you’re moving. People worry this will unnecessarily upset them. It’s not as bad as the danger of a child not feeling included in decision-making and feeling powerless.

Prepare them for moving with a timeline that lets them know when the current New Jersey house will be put up for sale (if that’s happening), when you will visit the new place, when you will pack, where you will stay during the transition, when they will start new schools, and any other information that you can think of.

3. Let them make as many choices as they want

Because kids feel powerless in this situation, let them make as many choices as they can.

  • Can they pick which toys to keep out while the house is being shown?
  • Can they choose how to design their bedroom?
  • Can they come up with a list of “must-haves” for the new home?

Just be clear about finances. If they want an overhaul of the new room, but you don’t have the budget for it, be honest about it.

4. Seek counseling for your kids

You don’t have to wait until a crisis to get help. Counseling during the move can be a great preventative measure, and it can also help kids be more open to seeing a counselor if they have issues after the move that need professional help.

5. Connect in advance

Make connections before you move. Although you may not know the school yet, there are probably things similar to what you have in your current location like scouts groups, martial arts, music lessons, religious communities, children’s museums, dance classes, etc. 

You can find other like-minded parents on social media. Tell a group you’re moving and ask if anyone knows anyone there.

6. Make memories

Help kids make memories they can take with them to the new place. Take pictures and videos. List the top ten things you love about where you live. Make a photo album of your favorite places, inside and outside your house. You can also leave a video about your home and neighborhood for the next family.

7. Let them help in organizing

Kids love organizing projects, and letting them search for moving organization tips can be a great way to channel their energy. It can also be fun to be a part of the moving process.

8. Plan the day of the move

When the moving trucks (or helpers) arrive, you have to decide if the kids should be there. It’s up to you. The sight can be incredibly anxiety-inducing, but it can also be helpful to see the New Jersey house empty. You realize that the house is just a shell and you’re taking your home with you.

It’s especially important for younger kids to have a plan. Don’t make them feel like they’re in the way. You might be better off with an off-site babysitter, with frequent progress check-ins for kids old enough..

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