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About Selective Van Lines


Do you want to move? We have all the answers for your big day! Whether it’s local or long distance, our team is here with helpful information.
What we offer?
Selective Van Lines offers numerous services for local, long-distance, and international moves. We offer complete door-to-door services and tailor each move to meet specific needs of our clients.
For long-distance moves, we provide worry-free state-to-state moving services. In addition, Selective Van Lines offers corporate, office, government, military, and auto-transport moving services.
For international moves, Selective Van Lines provides a wide range of resources formulated to make your cross-country move exemplary and secure. We offer services such as FCL (Full Container Load) and LCL (Less than Container Load). In addition to air freight, auto shipping, and marine insurance.
Why should I use Selective Van Lines?
Selective Van Lines understands that moving can be stressful and we want to assure you that your move goes as smoothy-as-possible. We are movers that care and want to make your upcoming move an enjoyable experience for your new change. We offer a wide variety of moving and relocation services that are suitable for any moving need.
How soon should I schedule my move?
Selective Van Lines recommends at least three-two weeks in advance when moving locally. For long-distance or international moves, we recommend four weeks.
Does Selective Van Lines offer packing and unpacking services?

We understand even packing items can be stressful, we want to make this effortless and trouble-free for you. We offer different packing options for customers, in which we can pack all your house-hold items or assist you with a partial pack.

Does Selective Van Lines offer storage services?
Many customers conclude needing temporary storage for numerous reasons. Selective Van Lines offers short-term and long-term packages that personalize storage solutions for individuals and businesses. We can storage your items at one of our many facilities across the U.S.
About Selective Van Lines

Pricing Questions.

How is my move priced?
Instead of charging an uncertainty-filled hourly rate, we give you a price upfront base on volume . Our pricing is custom every customer to avoid any backend fees and surprise costs, including all labor and travel expenses like fuel costs, tolls and truck depreciation. Selective Van Lines has a 98% price accuracy, guaranteeing that the estimate you get during your free consultation will be the final price of your move.
How much do movers cost?
Your price will be based on your inventory, and distance you are Moving and the complexity of the move. Such as furniture size, number of large items and level of fragility all play roles in determining your move’s cost. The estimate your Relocation Consultant gives you will be the final price as long as your inventory stays the same. Your Relocation Consultant will get InTouch with you 48 hours prior to your move in case your inventory changes, the rate will be adjusted upfront making sure there aren’t any hidden fees.
Does Selective Van Lines Provide boxes and packing?
On a basic moving package materials and packing of boxes are not included. On a basic moving package blankets and type are included. We also offer a full pack moving service where we can do all the packing of your items. Our crews are trained to pack your items efficiently so we can fully protect your books, pots, and dishes, and all fragile items such as tv’s, lamps , mirrors, artwork and any glass or marble items.
Is there tax on the move?
No, there is no tax on your move.
How Accurate is our moving estimate?
Selective Van Lines has a 98% price accuracy, guaranteeing that the estimate you get during your free consultation will be the final price of your move.
What are the available payment methods?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, ACH, Zelle, Venmo upon booking. On the day of you move we accept personal check, Zelle , Venmo, cashiers check, money order. And on delivery we accept cash or U.S Postal money Order.
When will I get charged for the move?
Customer pays a 35% deposit upon booking and on the day of the move they pay 60% of the remaining balance on the day of the move and the remaining 40% is due on delivery.
About Selective Van Lines

Protection & Insurance Questions.

Do you offer coverage for my items?
Selective Van Lines Offers several options you can chose from for loss and damage coverage for your shipment. Just ask your relocation Consultant prior to your move date.
Does Selective Van Lines Provide a Certificate of Insurance?
Selective Van Lines will issue a certificate of insurance(COI) for your building Upon request. We will send your COI once you book your move date to help you plan and reserve your building’s elevator. We can also send a copy to your building’s management company.
Should I empty out my dresser drawers?
Yes, it will make the dresser easier to move. If it’s a self-pack move, we recommend that the customer empty out the dresser prior to the move date.
Can I ship jewelry and important documents along with other items?
No. It’s best to keep jewelry, and important documents with you always.
What Items should I pack before the movers arrive?
Please pack your personal and valuable items such as medication and all other essentials.
Does Selective Van Lines move plants?
If you’re moving locally, yes. For long distance moves, we are not allowed due to state regulations.
Are there any Items we do not move?
Yes. We will not move firearms , ammunition ,drugs ,chemicals ,plants and pets.
About Selective Van Lines

During & After The Move Questions.

Do I get a refund if fewer items are moved on my move date?
Yes, Selective Van Lines will issue a refund for any items that were initially listed on your move but not moved.
If I have extra item will the movers take them?
Yes, you can adjust your inventory at any point by reaching out to your relocation consultant. You can also add or remove items on the day of your move and the foremen will adjust the price accordingly.
How much tip should I allocate?
Industry recommended is 10-20% of your move for local services. For long distance moves the recommended amount is 5-8% split between the pickup team and the delivery team.
How big is your truck?
Selective Van Lines has a variety of trucks and van sizes. Complying for every size move, we offer from 16ft to 26ft trucks, all the way to 18-wheeler trailers.
Who can I call during the move if any issues?

You can directly call our Customer Service. Our dispatch department will also be able to help with any moving day issues. Please call 844-357-2223 or email dispatch@selectivevanlines.com

I Have damaged items. Who can I call?

We apologize for any damages that may have happened during your move. Please call our Claims Department at 844-357-2223 or email us at claims@selectivevanlines.com

Do the movers uninstall or install appliances?
No . Are movers are not trained or equipped to install or uninstall appliances.
How will the movers know what items to take and what to leave behind?
From the initial consultation, your relocation specialist will make a list of your inventory with all the requested items to be moved.
Can the movers arrange the furniture in my new home?
Can I pack Liquids or food?
For long distance moves, Food is not allowed due to state regulations. For local moves, food and liquids should be packed last minute.
About Selective Van Lines

Local Moves Questions.

How many movers will you be sending?
The number of movers Selective Van Lines sends out will depend on the size of the move. Our dispatch team will make sure we have the appropriate number of movers.
Do I have to be with the movers during the move?
Yes, you or a representative need to be present to open the contract with the movers. We recommend someone stay with the movers during both the pickup and delivery.
Does Selective Van Lines take care of the parking permits?
It is usually the clients responsibility to obtain city parking permits.
About Selective Van Lines

Long Distance Moves Questions.

Do you call before delivery?
Yes, we will call you 24-48 hours prior to your delivery.
Can I have someone there for delivery?
Yes, you can assign someone to receive if they can sign on your behalf and provide us with their contact information.
What happens if you deliver outside my delivery window?
We try our best to deliver your items within the given window. In the event we can not one of our dispatchers will contact you ahead of time.
How long does it take for my items to arrive?
Most of our shipments are between 7 to 14 days. With our express shuttles, we can move from NYC to Florida in 5 days and NYC to California in 10 days.
About Selective Van Lines

International Moves Questions.

How does customs clearance and documentation work?
Once you book the move. Selective Van Lines will send the necessary forms (Customs, Regulations, Insurance, Declaration Forms and Things You Need to Know) that need to be completed.
How long does it generally take for my items to arrive?
The duration of delivery depends on the type of shipping you choose — sea, land or air. You can see estimated times of arrival at our frequent.
What is a delivery window?
A delivery window is the timeframe between your shipment and the delivery at your next destination. For Long Distance and International moves, we have specific delivery windows that customers can choose from.