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5 Tips To Help You Save Money When Moving In NJ

Jan 12, 2022Blog

Are you thinking of moving in the near future? In that case, you’ll need to start planning your budget now. Moving costs—whether you’re moving in New Jersey or another state or country—can be a pain in the neck and in the wallet without a plan.

When you’re moving, finding ways to save money is not easy, but you can do it if you know where to look. Before you start packing boxes, check out these expert tips for moving in New Jersey or elsewhere on a budget.

Tip #1: Declutter And Donate

To save money on your move, ask yourself what you can get rid of first. Organize your home room by room and evaluate what you need versus what you can live without.

Decluttering before you pack can not only lighten your moving load, but it can also provide a tax deduction. In some cases, the Internal Revenue Service may allow you to deduct charitable contributions worth up to 50% of your adjusted gross income when you contribute to qualified nonprofits. Don’t forget to get a receipt from the organization to which you donate so you know what you’ve given.

Tip #2: Get Cheap Packing Materials

During a move, boxes, packing tape, and packaging material are indispensable, but they don’t have to cost a fortune. One of the best moving tips you’ll find is to look for packing supplies for free or low cost.

Local bargain groups on social media websites are another great resource for finding free boxes, in addition to the usual places like grocery and liquor stores. You can also save money on your move by looking for supplies at home whenever possible.

Tip #3: Compare The Prices Of Professional Movers

Using a moving company relieves you of the burden of getting your stuff from A to B, but it can be costly. Moving companies usually offer free quotes based on the requirements of your move, so get at least four quotes before choosing one.

Hourly movers may be a cost-effective and simple option if you have a few items to move or only moving a short distance. But if you have a large load or a long-distance move, a flat rate based on the load might make more sense.

Tip #4: Calculate The Cost Of Moving Yourself

Even if you’re going to do the heavy lifting yourself, you still have to find ways to save money on your move. It’s common for people to assume that renting a truck is the cheapest way to move, but there are many scenarios where this isn’t the case. If you have to make several trips with a small truck, you may end up spending more on gas.

You may need to rent a storage unit if you plan to park your belongings temporarily before moving into your new place. A cross-country move also involves determining if you will need to ship certain items, which could increase your moving budget.

Tip #5: Schedule Your Move Strategically

When you schedule a move can have a big impact on the cost. Moving between October and April is typically 20 to 30 percent cheaper than moving during the summer months, when moving season is in full swing. When you rent a truck or hire movers, the time of month matters as well. At the beginning or the end of the month, moving companies tend to have fewer reservations, so you may be able to score a deal on your rate and save money when you move.

During the weekday, rates tend to be lower, so you’re better off booking a move during the week if your schedule is flexible.

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